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  Española Mockingbird, Isla Española  



  • Largest of all of the mockingbirds in Galápagos
  • Lives only on Española and Gardner-by-Española, a small adjacent islet
  • Maintains territories in all habitats on the islands where it occurs
  • Extraordinarily fearless of humans; frequently lands on tourists visiting Punta Suarez site at western tip of Española
  • More opportunistic feeding habits than any of the other mockingbirds; known to eat insects, fruit, bird eggs, nestling songbirds, blood, sealion placentas, lizards
  • Maintains social groups of up to at least 25 individuals, within which up to 4 pairs breed at separate nests (with occasional joint-nesting)
  • Cooperative breeder: non-breeders act as helpers at nests in their group's territory, and some breeders help raise nestlings in nests other than their own
  • Social organization and mating system of the Española Mockingbird have been the subjects of research by Ilonka von Lippke (M.S. Villanova, 2001; Ph.D. UCLA, 2008). Publications from this work will appear soon.

Española Mockingbirds feeding on sealion placenta

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